Lost VS Manifest

//Lost VS Manifest

Welcome on board Flight 828. We will drive you forward 5 and half years!

A mysterious plane accident, the recurring number 828 and the callings …don’t they remind you something already seen?! Probably, you got LOST?! 


If you are a Lost fan, you might remember 3 interesting and strange elements, which characterized the series, that you could compare with Manifest’s:

  • a plane: on Lost it had an accident, while it disappeared for “a while” on Manifest;
  • numbers: the sequence 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 on Lost, while the recurring number 828 on Manifest;
  • a mysterious entity: a black smoke, known as “the Monster” on Lost (it also appeared in human form as a middle-aged man dressed in black robes); while on Manifest there are some strange voices heard only by the passengers that called them Callings.


Here we are again: a mystery to be solved, people involved (alive or dead?!), numbers and a strange abstract entity .

Manifest – Josh Dallas & Jack Messina


For all 191 passengers and the crew of flight 828 it has spent only a few hours on the plane, while it has actually been five years and half, and no one can explain what happened. After their return, the passengers start hearing some voices, called Callings, that give them instruction; they do not understand their meaning  in the beginning, but thanks to the relationship between the voices and the recurring number 828, they began to solve mysteries and save people.

NBC new drama closed its first season with a very impressive cliffhanger. What does this Number mean? What are the Callings? and who is behind all this mystery?

The recurring number 828

This number shows up in various forms throughout the episodes. It is not only the flight number.

In the Pilot, the number appeared in a Bible verse that Michaela’s mother stitched onto a pillow: “All things work together for good,” that is a part of the bigger Romans verse 8:28.

Then, Michaela was called to rescue two kidnapped girls and the house, where they have been hidden, was at nr. 828 of the street.

In the meantime, Mick, Ben and Cal discovered that not only the passengers of flight 828 came back to life, but also two other persons returned: Zeke and Griffin. They have a connection to the number 828 and to Mick, who heard different Callings about them both.

In particular, after Griffin death, Ben noticed, from coroner report, that he lived for exactly the same amount of time he was “gone” after the car accident — 82 hours and 8 minutes. So, as mathematician, Ben started calculate the time they still have to live: considering the departure date and the arrival one, their last day of life is June 2, 2024. His conclusion is that, as well as it happened to Griffin, they also have an “expiry date“.

Olive also explained it through her interpretation of pics she and Ben had collected: the peacock (= a messenger for the goddess Juno = June), the Gemini Twins (= nr. 2) and Cal’s wooden Dragon (= year 2024) .

Before Olive and Ben arrived to the conclusion of their own death, Cal had already drawn Dad, Auntie Mick and his own headstones… all dated June 2, 2024.

So what will happen next?!  How many other 828 connection will be there?

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